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Pair a philanthropic challenge with a physical one.

What could be more motivating than knowing that, in taking part in this event, you’ll not only be accomplishing a physical feat, you’ll also be supporting a cause that affects more than 90,000 Canadians!

Raise awareness of MS in your circle.

Although Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of multiple sclerosis, this neurological disease is still not well known. Raise awareness of MS so that together, we can help improve the well-being of people living with this condition.

Take advantage of the UTHC Reward Program.

Get the official UTHC t-shirt and try to have this year’s registration fee refunded or next year’s fee reduced. To learn more about the Harricana Ultra-Trail™ Reward Program, click here.

Get exclusive spots on courses that are listed as “full.”

Raise $150 to secure a spot on the course of your choice (registration fees not included). Please note: Even if you register for the fundraiser, you still need to register for the race. Once you've raised $150, you will need to contact the MS Society team to claim your promo code to register for UTHC, on one of the distances indicated as full.

Contribute to finding a cure for MS.

There’s still no cure for MS. Be a part of history by helping us invest in promising research projects. With the money you raise, we will be able to contribute to a deeper understanding of MS and to the development of treatments that are more effective than those currently available.

Register for the fundraiser today!