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Tips and Tricks

Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips that can help you with your fundraising efforts. Know that you can contact us at any time if you need assistance in reaching your goal.

A few simple steps can get your fundraising campaign off to a great start:

This way, you can keep your circle informed of your progress, which can encourage potential donors to help you reach your goal.

Know that you’re an inspiration to others! Talk about what motivated you to take part in the fundraiser. Your donors will be won over by your commitment to helping people living with MS.

Be among the leaders and start your fundraiser off strong!

Be sure to give updates of your progress throughout your campaign. Launch your fundraiser by posting a first message. When you’re close to reaching your goal, remind your followers to encourage you by donating. A few days before the event, do a final promotional blitz. Share MS statistics, photos of your workouts, your story… In short, be creative!

Social media and email

About 11 Canadians will be diagnosed with MS today. I want to help change that, so I’m helping to fundraise for the Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada, and I hope you’ll support me. On September 8, 9 and 10, I’ll be running on the mountains of Charlevoix, keeping in mind those people who have multiple sclerosis.
Whether you want to support my personal fundraising campaign or participate in the race with me, your help will have far-reaching impact. Contribute to my fundraiser or join me, so that, one day a world without MS can be a reality. To support me: (link to personal web page)
Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada allows us to collect funds for MS Canada. So, I decided to combine this athletic challenge with an altruistic one. There are 90,000 Canadians with multiple sclerosis, and I’m raising funds to help advance the research on this disease and offer programs and services to people with MS and their loved ones.
To support me in my fundraising: (link to personal web page)
The world has changed, but our commitment to building a world without MS is just as strong. By helping to fundraise for MS Canada through the Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada, I’m making a contribution in my own way to those who have MS.
Life with MS can be challenging. But thanks to your generosity, it’s possible to give the MS community essential support services and to fund promising research aimed at stopping this disease once and for all.
You too can contribute to this goal. Support me by making a donation: (link to personal web page)


Find new ways to invite members of your circle to donate to encourage you. Here are some tips that could be useful.


When you give free reign to your imagination, you’ll think of all kinds of fun ways to raise money. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a sports pool. Whatever the sport, the important thing is to participate. Donors can simply try to predict the outcome of an important game or race if you don't want to commit to an entire season.
  • Organize a discovery evening. Invite your loved ones to donate and attend an evening where everyone presents their favourite item. This could be a book, a cheese, an alcoholic beverage: you decide the theme!
  • Organize a movie or quiz night (online or in person, if public health measures allow).
  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Share a personalized workout session. Your donors could come work out with you to encourage you and get your advice. A win-win idea as you train for the Ultra-Trail Harricana™ of Canada.
  • Organize a friendly lip-synching contest. Invite the members of your circle to submit a video of them lip synching to a song and encourage people to donate to vote for the person they think should win. You can do the same with a photo contest, a cooking contest or other.
  • Invite your friends and family to a corn roast.

No matter what you plan, be sure to respect the public health measures in effect.

Donation matching program

Employers often have a program to match donations when employees participate in a fundraiser. Don’t hesitate to ask your company’s management.

If your employer doesn’t have such a program, simply ask them to donate to your fundraiser. We issue official tax receipts for any donations we receive.