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Event Info

Absolutely! Take a minute to study your program and decide which whiskies of the 300 being shown you have to try. You can only seriously taste and analyze a few before palate fatigue sets in. The key to surviving any event involving alcoholic spirits is not to over indulge, practice quality over quantity. You can help yourself by drinking lots of water during the tasting and having a solid meal before the event.

There’s no need to bring a glass with you. A Glencairn crystal commemorative nosing glass will be provided to you at registration. It’s yours to use for the evening and to take home!

If you lose your nosing glass, we’ll have wine glasses available in the tasting room.  Sorry, we cannot replace any lost or broken nosing glass.

The booklet you receive on entering is set out alphabetically by the local agent / importer responsible for that distillery. The tables in the ballroom follow that list in a clockwise direction. Each table is marked with the name of an agent / importer.

Through the purchase of your General Admission ticket, you will receive 30 sampling tickets. For each sample that you take, you will give the vendor one sampling ticket. If you go through all 30 sampling tickets, you can purchase more at the rate of 1 ticket for $2.75 (as per AGLC regulations).

Light snacks and appetizers are provided throughout the evening but we suggest having a meal before you arrive.

Calgary MS Whisky Festival is a tasting event only. Order forms will be available at each table for the whisky(s) that agent is presenting. Customers can fill them in there and then with their name and phone number and Kensington Wine Market will order them for you the following week.